CodeKitchen x FabCafe: Rolling Robot | June 24, 2017

Rethinking-robots for new worlds

Saturday June 24, Singapore Art Science Museum. 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Taught by Stevanus Satria (SUTD Robotics Innovation Lab)  &  Khaw Jien Yi (SUTD Multi Rotor Society)


Last year, Sphero brought to reality the iconic rolling robot seen in various Star Wars movies: the BB-8, and it is amazing! But think about it, how is it possible for this ball-like robot to maintain its position when stationary, and move so smoothly when its told to do so? The answer lies in two key aspects of robotics design: the mechanical system itself, and the control algorithm that regulates the system's behavior. This workshop aims to provide a holistic experience to robotics design. We will start off with designing our own unique robot based on an in-house fabricated kit. This is followed by the mechanical assembly process. We will then follow up with the implementation and tuning of a suitable control algorithm, before ending off the workshop with a robot showcase session


* Rolling Robot is part of "MADE IN SPACE: Tools for New Design Worlds", held at Singapore Art Science Museum: For more information about other events visit

Presenter Bio: 

Stevanus Satria is an Engineering Product Development Graduate from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). He is primarily interested in both hardware and software solution design and implementation to improve people’s quality of life. During his undergraduate years, Stevanus took various courses pertaining to mechanical systems design, systems modelling, and control theory. His very first project was the design of a modular electric power unit for off-the-shelf skateboards. He further developed his knowledge on Personal Mobility Devices during Capstone by spearheading the design of the base of ZOUBA, a lightweight portable electric scooter. Stevanus also ventured into the design of mobile robots by developing SALAMANDER, a portable amphibious spherical rolling robot for ground and aquatic deployment. A paper on the robot’s design was published in a local conference, and the prototype was exhibited in various conventions, most notably the Maker Faire European Edition 2015. Currently, Stevanus is working as a Research Officer in the Robotics Innovation Lab in SUTD, researching primarily on the control algorithm of miniaturized spherical rolling robots such as VIRGO.

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