Our Recipe

The 3 magic ingredients of DManD CodeKitchen:

1. bringing cutting-edge Research forward

 We engage leading researchers, scientist, designers, makers to teach and develop curriculum for our events. Our topics address 3 primary areas of interest:  

  1. Technology developments 
  2. Design pedagogy
  3. The history of design and technology

2. Inclusive

Our motto is "Anyone can teach, anyone can be a beginner". We open our events to people of any age, any education level, to teach or participate in our events.

3. interactive, hand-on, and fun   

Our teaching style emphasizes hands-on engagement of our topics.

Each 90 minute "Kitchen" is co-taught, and follows a simple formula:

  • 15 Minutes for mingling, snacks and networking
  • 15 Minutes for lecture, presenter shares their experiences, key principles of topic, and state-of-the art
  • 45 Minutes of Creation, hands-on experimentation, design, and / or making
  • 15 Minutes of Reflection, discussion and  review of the event