CodeKitchen #16: Finding Solutions

Build fun and interactive work spaces

Taught by Nachamma Sockalingam, SUTD Learning Sciences Lab


Did you know that problem-based learning is an essential ingredients of an SUTD education? In this CodeKitchen, we will explore problem-based learning. We will discuss principles anyone can apply in life to become a better student, teacher, designer, and scientist. We will form teams and design and enhance SUTD Campus as a fun learning activity. By the end of this session, we will know more about problem-based learning and some new secrets to master our experience at SUTD!  


Who should attend: This methodology is widely applicable and caters to just about anyone in SUTD - faculty, researchers, and students.

Students will find this useful - especially for Design and Capstone projects

Technologies Investigated: Problem based learning

Design Methods: Ideation/Brainstorming/Evaluation and Analysis/ Iterative Design