CodeKitchen #6: Synthetic Bio-textures |August 11, 2016

Design nano textures using bench-top silicone molding  

Taught by  Hong Yee Low, Associate Professor, Engineering Product Design, SUTD


What makes a gecko's feet so sticky? Or the butterflies colors so vivid?   

In nature, fine-geometrical patterns produces an amazing diversity of functions in the nature. With the emergence of new imaging procedures, materials, and fabrication techniques, researchers and designers alike have the ability to recreate these structures: to better understand their properties, or even apply them in designs.

This Thursday, DManD is excited to announce be hosting its 6th CodeKitchen: Synthetic Bio-textures. This workshop will be a hands-on lab, will introduce non-toxic silicone molding techniques to participants, who will be able make their very own bio-inspired surface patterns from a variety mold-making material specimens. Professor Hong Yee Low will also give a short talk on her work in this field.