CodeKitchen#5: Digital Foundry | August 3, 2016

Taught by Kenneth Teo, Lab Engineer, SUTD DManD Centre


Desktop 3D printers and open-source design software allow anyone to make, customized objects: but these designs limited to plastics, and low-production prototyping. On the other hand, metal 3-D printing, though less well-known, will soon emerge as a way to manufacturing production grade products in the near future.  

In this workshop, participants will learn about the new field of metal 3-D printing: how it enables new design applications and new research questions. Participants will learn about what low and high cost options are available at SUTD, culminating in tour of DManD’s very own metal 3D printer facilities! There will be a activity covering  nTopology: a free lattice design software for 3D printed metal objects.