CodeKitchen #18: DIY Microfluidics| June 21, 2017

Low-cost prototyping strategies for medical devices

Taught by Michinao Hashimoto,  Assistant Professor, SUTD.


Microfluidics refers to science and technology that deal with small amount of fluids on portable chips, which has advanced frontiers in medical diagnostics, drug development, tissue engineering and other fields of biomedical engineering. One of the branches in microfluidics, called paper-based fluidics, aims to develop fluid-handling devices using printing technology on papers. The devices are typically at low cost, and they are expected to be used for point-of-case (on site) diagnostics and analytical testing. In this workshop, the speaker briefly introduces the basics of paper-based microfluidics, and then have a workshop to prototype paper-based devices using simple and low-cost methods and tools.